Game-Blocks vs. GameBlocks

So here we are: I almost had, but it was taken by the current owners of before I knew for sure I wanted to register the domain name. Just to make things crystal clear:

This site is the devlog of the Game Blocks game creation system, not GameBlocks online gaming middleware. Completely different kind of “blocks” here.

Will I change the name of my game? I decided on the name Game Blocks months before the dashless .com was taken, based on the fact that months ago no one had taken it yet. Let this be a lesson to us all: it’s better to regret your choice of a domain name than to wait too long and miss the opportunity to make the choice.

If all goes well, it will be another two years before the actual product launch, so there’s plenty of time to work things out if there is a problem. Maybe since my product is obviously completely different from any of theirs, there’s no problem? I hope?

According to the legal notice at the bottom of their site, GameBlocks LLC is the name of their company, and not a product. So to my not-having-gone-to-law-school eyes, it seems like there’s no brand confusion. So I’m going to keep calling my Game Blocks GCS “Game Blocks” at least for now.

So I should probably actually write about my Game Blocks product, since that’s the point of this site.

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