Words of Wisdom 03

Playing video games can be a complicated activity with a ton of things to explain. Not just games like DOTA 2, but games like Super Mario 64.

Here are some words of wisdom from Pancake (as I assume it is pronounced):

Making hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and paying back all our debts is indeed our primary goal, but one of our other long term goals is to inspire people to make videos like this about our game.

Not every game gets this kind of attention. Some games sell well for a few months and then no one plays them. Some games sell well and people play them for a few years and then the game eventually fades from public attention. But some games have people play them and play them and never stop playing them and invent new ways to play them and someone always keeps playing them forever until the end of time.

There’s a poem about Ramses The Great titled “Ozymandias”. You probably know how it goes. The poem is usually interpreted to be about how mortal glory fades and even powerful and influential men are eventually forgotten. This point is undermined by the fact that Percy Shelly knew who Ozymandias was and that the poem itself has become Percy Shelly’s statue in the sand. Videos like the one above would be our Ozymandias poem.

It’s not that we want to be immortal celebrities or anything like that. But it’s easy to entertain someone for a few minutes. It’s far harder to entertain someone long after you’re dead. If people are still discovering new ways to play our game long after we’re dead, then mission accomplished.

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