Game Blocks Indev is live!

Well I’ve been quiet for a while, but the in-development version of Game Blocks is finally ready to show off to the public!

Gamemaker Studio 2 Beta was first released when I was working on the previous prototype, so after a bit of thought I decided to rewrite the entire prototype for GMS2. Some things needed to be done from scratch, other things were improved from how they worked previously, and things that just didn’t work were fixed.

There’s still a lot to do, but I feel Indev is good enough to finally put out in public, unlike the broken and more-buggy previous prototype.

The platforming gameplay is based loosely on Benjamin Anderson’s Super Cave Boy, with several added features. The menus are all 100% original work, with the overall concept being loosely similar to Super Mario Maker. So, in a sense, the current version is not unlike some kind of Super Cave Boy Maker, but with original graphics and sound.

Compatibility with the next version is NOT guaranteed! This is Indev, not Beta, and you will likely need to start over from scratch each time I make changes to the way levels and game data are saved. Sorry in advance.

Anyway, feel free to download it here (Windows-only for now, sorry):

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