The Joy of Exploits

I love this video, and I want to take this opportunity to explain my position on glitches and exploits in Game Blocks.

I love this stuff. In case I didn’t make that clear enough in the Words of Wisdom 03 post: I really love this stuff.

Now, as a professional game developer I need to try to ensure that the typical customer is not frustrated by the product itself. As a game developer in general, I don’t want any bugs or glitches to unintentionally frustrate my players. As a programmer, I want my software to have good user experience.

As such, there may come a time when a really cool glitch is tragically ruined by fixing a genuine problem in the software. It’s hard enough to keep the intended feature set in my head as I’m programming, and I’ll probably ruin a good unintended feature more than once over the course of maintaining the software.

One solution is to take unintended features and make them actual features. I can’t do this for every cool glitch every player finds, but I may do it for a few.

Anyway, hopefully someday Psycrow and Darby will notice my game and find some awesome exploits!

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