Indev Release 0003

A new version is out! This will conclude the platformer parts for now (other than bugfixes), as we are focusing on shmup gameplay for the next release.

Release notes:

Indev Version

Version and earlier game data probably now incompatible because of editor changes

Added relative gravity for new RelativePlatformer character

Ledge grabbing broken, then fixed.

Bouncing on enemies broken, then fixed.

Added ladders.

Added “grav changers” (arrow thingies).

Gravchangers affect the platformer character.

Added Tool Buttons (right clicking)

Changed the eraser to be a tool button

Added Rotate Tool button for rotating cardinal direction of instances.

Added Flip Tool button for flipping profile of instances

Rotate Tool button and Flip Tool buttons also work on panel buttons (right click)

Editor now saves facing and cardinal direction for all level objects.

Editor now updates doList when player uses any tool button.

Changing levels asks for confirmation if you have not saved.

Gibs now subject to relative gravity.

Bundrums now called Bundums internally instead of Smartwalkers.

Bundrums now subject to relative gravity.

Bundrum AI FIXED and working in ALL directions!

Bat AI is close enough for now, might tweak for next release.

Jumper AI still buggy, will fix next release.

Added LuchaBoss.

Fixed most LuchaBoss bugs. Some still persist, but movement in all directions works.

(Luchaboss not currently affected by gravchangers, but can be rotated in editor.)

Added lava blocks.

Panel buttons now toggle on and off.

Left clicking and dragging now moves things placed in editor, if no panel button is selected.
The following things are still WIP, but I included them anyway as a preview of version

Added a shmup player character to second editing panel.

Added Shmup enemies to second editing panel

Added Shmup shooting & movement.

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