A Change Of Pace

Over the weekend we decided to go in a slightly different direction for the next release. For the last few months I’ve been focused on adding new essential features and “test” versions of objects and all that pre-Alpha foundation building you need before you can get to the main game building part. Content-wise, the very first release was essentially a newer, heavily modified version of Ben Anderson’s Cave Boy code nestled inside an original menu system I had originally been working on in Game Maker Studio 1.4. The last few releases after that were fixing bugs, adding new things not in Cave Boy, fixing bugs, adding bits from the Make Your First Game Quickly class, and fixing bugs.

But now we’re changing direction. Game Blocks was always supposed to be a collection of example games that could stand on their own as well as a platform for making your own games. I want to do more “under the hood” work: there’s still no moving camera, there’s no tiles yet, hardly anything uses the new features of GMS2, there’s a whole bunch of “undocumented features” that need to be implemented as actual menu options, the shmup objects and features are still half-baked, and so on. But there is enough substance here that we can finally put together a complete example game of our own and not just a testing sandbox.

So we’re taking a break from adding new general features to working on the first game-within-a-game. It will be 100% compatible with the editor on release, because that’s how we’re making it ourselves. There will be a whole new category of objects and some new general features to support making your own versions of the game.

When this part is done, we’ll go back to adding general features and support for future game types. If Steam Direct isn’t ready yet, we’ll most likely be doing a Greenlight campaign. Also, we’re going to need to start work on the Kickstarter campaign and pitch to publishers and all the annoying business-things we need to do to continue having rent, rice, and ramen.

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