The Obligatory Kickstarter

We’re not quite ready to launch yet, but we are working on a Kickstarter campaign. We are planning to launch in a little over a week and a half, sometime after the Steam Summer Sale ends.

In addition to a bunch of miscellaneous additions and bugfixes, is going to have an example game which we are going to showcase in the Kickstarter. We are calling it Twizard Twubble, a sort of (non-copyright-infringing) mashup of Bubble Bobble and Harry Potter. Game Blocks is still Game Blocks, but now Twizard Twubble comes with it. You can make your own TT levels, of course, since that’s the whole point.

Originally I was hoping to get more features done before we needed to launch the Kickstarter, but if the campaign is successful at least it will all get done after the campaign. Shelter and food is how developing the game is possible, so the bills can’t be neglected.

Now we need to finish the Kickstarter page, the Facebook page, the trailer, and finish updating and actually release it.

There may be another free release after the KS campaign, but if we are funded the main focus will be producing and delivering the full game. So maybe there will be a, but we need to aim for and deliver that to the backers, so no promises.

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