Fixing the Site

Since the start of this weblog, the theme and general settings were temporary placeholders that I was putting off fixing because it always felt like I had better things to do. The site’s original theme was Baskerville 2, which seemed like the most weblog-like theme I could find on short notice. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s also designed for museum curators, coffee shop owners, or something like that, not a game development log.

Since the Kickstarter is happening real soon now, and even though we have a Facebook page, I still consider this to be the “main” site. So it was high time to search through the themes and find something better than Baskerville 2.

Currently, I’m using the “Twenty Ten” theme, a theme which may seem outdated to some, but the phrase I’d use to describe it is “most tolerable that I’ve found so far”. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m deliberately trying to have a classic weblog-style site, but most of the other WordPress site designs, both free and premium, seem ridiculous and impractical. It seems most of the other themes are for people who have a bunch of nice photos and don’t want to regularly post new things to their site. I’m not trying to show off my selfies and arts & crafts projects, I’m trying to write about what I’m doing, with video and images to illustrate the writing.

I don’t really have time to learn how to write my own CSS or PHP or whatever language the themes are written in. So “old, but least tacky of all possible choices I’ve seen so far” is what I’ll be using.

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