World Editor Update! (

Change of plans: we are going to be updating the prototype. I was originally planning to focus on just spreading the word of the Kickstarter as much as possible one we started, but worrying about the lack of progress was really starting to cause me a lot of stress. So yesterday morning I realized that, even though I’m itching to call the prototype “done” and get to work on the Alpha, I needed to deal with the stress, and the best way to do that is to work on the prototype some more. It really did help a lot. I think I am starting to understand the whole “hacker zen” thing now.

So I added a world editor and a bunch of other new features. We’re working on some new tutorial videos and might do a second trailer.

Indev Version

All objects now have a new internal variable, though this is currently only used for doors.

Leaving the edit menu now deselects everything to avoid accidentally placing objects when
returning to edit menu.

Number of keys now displayed under hearts during gameplay.

Fixed locked doors not actually requiring a key or removing keys.

Fixed ice blocks unintentionally causing “flinging” behavior.


Add and subtract level buttons moved from level editor menu to world editor menu.

Slightly modified level increment / deincrement buttons added to world editor menu

Level select buttons added (one button for each level).

Edit Level button added to World Editor Menu

Number Stamp Tool added to Edit Level menu, along with a display for the number and buttons to change the number. Right click to “stamp” the number on a door.

Doors now, by default, send you to the next level. However, you can use the Number Stamp Tool to change the destination level.

Added Win Door. Press up on the door to win the game and go to high score menu if score is high enough.


P.S. My spellcheck can’t decide whether “deincrement” or “decrement” is correct. So I’m sticking to “deincrement” for now.

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