InDev Release &

Apparently I forgot to publish the first version of this post, so you’re getting two (EDIT: three) for one!

Indev version

Making the colored blocks broke ladders. Fixed now.

Indev Version

Fixed debug number in top left corner, should have been removed before previous version was released.

Removed slopes, slopes don’t work yet and were not meant to be included in the last release.

Added custom color blocks and a new row to the editing panel for the blocks.

Fixed bug with where it didn’t save custom block colors.

custom color editor coming, for now the default colors are:

H: 0 S: 255 V: 255
H: 21 S: 255 V: 255
H: 42 S: 255 V: 255
H: 63 S: 255 V: 255
H: 84 S: 255 V: 255
H: 105 S: 255 V: 255
H: 127 S: 255 V: 255
H: 148 S: 255 V: 255
H: 169 S: 255 V: 255
H: 190 S: 255 V: 255
H: 211 S: 255 V: 255
H: 232 S: 255 V: 255

Version has a background editor. Release notes:

Indev Version

Number of JumpPlusses and current used air jumps now part of the HUD.

Changed grav changer sprite so it’s much harder to avoid touching.

Finally fixed both space enemies so they now interact with blocks and mobs properly.

Changed space enemy sprites

Fixed crash bug with accidentally selecting invisible tool buttons.

Added background sprites.

Added Background Settings menu!

Use the Hue, Saturation, and Value sliders to adjust background color.

Use the Copy To All button to copy background to all levels.

Default background color now white because we are going to implement background sprites next.

Level boxes now show the background color of each level.

When adding a level, the background color is copied from the previous level.

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