What We’re Doing Now

So the Kickstarter campaign is over and I was going to make one last update to the prototype… But then I decided against it.

The “Indev” prototype was created in Gamemaker Studio 2 as a recreation of the previous prototype which was made in GMS 1.4. Although it’s compiled with GMS2, it doesn’t really use any of the new features. To make things worse, a lot of it wasn’t planned well to begin with and it just became harder and harder to add functionality as time went on. (Pros might recognize this problem as “cruft“.) By the time the KS campaign started, I was already itching to throw away most of it and start on the Alpha properly.

Then we actually started the Kickstarter campaign and I found not adding something to the prototype was more stressful than trying to get more attention for the campaign without doing any programming. So I made a bunch of updates in spite of the growing annoyances with the codebase and the fact that I would be throwing most of it away when I started the Alpha. This got us some attention, just not quite what we needed to make the goal. As the Kickstarter was wrapping up, I did want to finally add proper background images to the level editor, but as soon as the campaign finished, it kind of killed my motivation. Even if we had succeeded, especially if we had succeeded, I would have wanted to immediately drop the Indev version and start on the “real” version designed from scratch (more or less) in GMS2.

(Each version of Game Blocks, including the ones before we called it Game Blocks, has been built on some salvaged parts from the version before. Even “Shoot-a-ma-jig” started with a few scripts from another project. So no version is ever completely thrown away. Just the parts that need to be re-written from scratch.)

So instead of expending a bunch of effort on one last feature that will be added to the Alpha anyway, I’m going to spend the time doing some R&D instead. That means I’m in the middle of Ben Anderson’s Action RPG class and I’m going to finally do his Turn-Based RPG class as well. I’ve been itching to do the latter, but felt I didn’t have time because I needed to work on InDev and start the KS campaign. Now knowledge from both of them will be nicely integrated into the Alpha once I start on the Alpha.

We also need to start pitching to publishers again. So I guess I get on with that.


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